Wu Chon House, Somerville

Since our introduction to Korean food at Buk Kyung II in Allston we have wanted to try more. A friend of ours suggested that we meet her and her husband at Wu Chon House in Union Square, Somerville. It is a very nice, large space on the inside which I wasn’t expecting as the outside façade is quite plain.

Again, the meal started with a variety of condiments, panchan. We got Kimchi, some pickled bean sprouts, and pickled soy nuts. But, then we also received a few items which didn’t seem too authentic such as potato salad and steamed broccoli with a thousand island dressing. We started with the vegetarian scallion pancake. It was quite a bit thicker than other scallion pancakes I have experienced but very satisfying with lots of scallions and red bell peppers.

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Friday night go-to

When we don’t get sushi, another Friday night go to option is Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Sq.  This little specialty shop specializes in handmade fresh pasta, ravioli, and homemade sauces.  They expanded a few years ago to sell prepared foods, sandwiches, artisanal cheeses, fresh bread, and unique groceries.

They have fresh pasta ready to cut into linguini, angel hair, fettucine, spaghetti, or pappardelle.  You can also have the sheets pressed into lasagna noodles.  At home you just need to boil the pasta and heat up the sauce!  Some of our favorite combinations are the whole wheat spaghetti with the meatballs and marinara.  The meatballs are delicious and wholesome ideal with the tangy marinara and the toothsome whole wheat pasta.  Another favorite combination is the porcini ravioli with the wild mushroom cream sauce.  The combination is just mushroom heaven!

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Sabur, Somerville

This past Wednesday the weather was gorgeous and one of the only days without the threat of rain that we have had in quite sometime so after a long, late day G and I decided we wanted to have a relaxing dinner outside. We walked to Orleans in Davis Sq and the wait for a seat outside was 45 minutes so we continued up Holland St to Sabur. They had plenty of outdoor seating available. G started with a martini and I had a nice glass of Shiraz. We decided to share a few appetizers. The Warm Goat Cheese with Roasted Eggplant and Pepper Dip was delicious and spicy. Wood Fired Portabella and Roasted Vegetable Polenta Stack with Eggplant Demi was a really nice combination of flavors. The homemade polenta paired well with the portabella. There was a drizzle of a sweet sauce, maybe cherry, which didn’t match too well with the other flavors but otherwise, it was a nice dish. We also tried the Hand Stretched Burek with Beef, Potato & Onion. This is a simple meat pie and was served with a cucumber yogurt sauce. It was a little bland but very comforting. Our favorite dish was the Grilled Balkan Sausages with Yogurt Sauce & Thick Pita. These sausages were similar to Middle Eastern kabobs and had a great flavor! We were enjoying sitting outside so we shared the Chocolate Tort with Raspberry Sauce and Warm Caramel. This was a nice rich, dense flourless chocolate tart. Overall, the food was lovely and well prepared. The service was friendly and the attentive. The outdoor seating was very relaxing. The outdoor seating was almost full but the dining room was almost empty. We were sad to see that on a nice weekday night there wasn’t more traffic when restaurants in Davis Sq. were packed.

Sabur Restaurant
212 Holland St
Somerville, MA 02144
(617) 776-7890