Restaurant Gary Danko, San Francisco

We spent the Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco, one of our favorite cities!  We celebrated graduation (and finally having some time together) at Restaurant Gary Danko.  We arrived just on time for our reservations and were seated at a lovely corner table.  The décor is eclectic; the somewhat dark room is accented with bright splashes of color provided by ornaments such as vases and glass lighting fixtures.  We were getting familiar with the menu when the waiter came over and greeted us.  The menu allows for endless combinations and variety.  They offer a 3 course, 4 course, or 5 course dinner which can be made up of dishes from any category; appetizers, fish and seafood, meat and game birds, and dessert.  Each of the categories has about eight options.  The waiter explained that the dishes are sized based on what we ordered.  We enjoyed the variety and options that this offered!  We settled on the three course menu and opted to have these paired with wine.  This allowed us to try several dishes on the menu!

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