Nikisha’s Roti Shop, Dorchester

After a break in January we reconvened our NRT outings this past week with a trip to Nikisha’s Roti Shop in Dorchester.  As is the case with most Trinidadian roti shops, it is a simple storefront with counter service.  A few of us arrived right at 7pm and were greeted by Niki.  She mentioned that she was going to close at 7:30pm since it was a slow night.  We told her that there were others coming and she said she would wait for us.

While we waited for the others to trickle in we ordered some doubles.  They were delicious!  Maybe the best doubles I have had!  Since she makes them slow and methodically, as compared to the rushed street vendors, the proportion of channa to bara is much more satisfying.  The curries are all prepared and kept in warming trays but the rotis and buss-up-shut are made fresh.

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