Yoma, Allston

Our NRT gathering for May was this past Tuesday at Yoma in Allston. Yoma is a small family run Burmese restaurant. It is a very simple space without too much personality. The décor was typical of smaller ethnic restaurants consisting of wall hangings of Burmese art and pictures of the country haphazardly hung. There was one young woman waiting on all the tables so service was slow. However, we were here for the food! Since there were five of us this time we were able to try several different dishes. We started with the appetizer platter, AaJawSone, which include three different appetizers. The first was the Burmese Samusar which is a deep fried crispy pastry filled with potato, onion, cabbage, and a mixture of spices. It was similar to an Indian samosa however, the flavors were more delicate and the spices not as strong. The second appetizer was the PaeKatJaw which was a deep fried crispy tempura split chickpea pancake. This was something like a chickpea papadum. I particularly liked the texture of the crunchy split chickpeas. The last appetizer was the TofuJaw (Burmese Tofu) which was deep fried home made chickpea tofu. The Burmese make a tofu from chickpea flour which has a lighter, more delicate texture to soy tofu. All of the appetizers were served with a spicy tamarind sauce made from sour tamarind juice, red chili, ginger, garlic, and cilantro. This was a perfect tasty accompaniment to all of the appetizers. My primary complaint was that all of the appetizers were quite greasy.

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