Punjab, Arlington

For our NRT outing in May we tried Punjab in Arlington.  The space is beautiful!  It is a very large spacious room decorated in warm tones of brown, orange, and yellow.  The room is separated into smaller dining spaces and a long bar.  The menu is quite extensive with dishes not only from the Punjab region but also from other areas of India.  I was sitting with the vegetarian table and we tried a few dishes.  The Malai Kofta is a dish of balls made of mined vegetables and cooked in a mild cream sauce.  The kofta balls were tasty however, the sauce itself was too creamy and was not well balance with the spices.  We also tried the Dhal Makhani which is a lentil dish which was nice with a good balance of spice.  We also tried the Paneer Vindaloo.  Vindaloo is a Goan curry dish which is typically prepared with lamb or chicken and is very spicy.  I was excited to try a paneer version of this dish.  However, it was extremely bland and not spicy at all!  It was a disappointment.  The consensus of the group was that the food was average and comparable to the majority of Indian restaurants in town.

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