City Moms Program

As you have realized from my posts, knowing where your food comes from and how it is produced is something I care about. I try to buy meat and produce that reduce my environmental impact as much as possible. I recently was selected to be part of the City Moms 2015 which is a program conducted by the Illinois Farm Families. It is a unique program which gives urban and suburban mothers a chance to see how our food is produced. It is a year-long program with visits to a hog farm, soy and corn farm, dairy farm, and a beef cattle farm.

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Crack Pie

Food can be addictive, much like a drug, and in the case of the aptly named Crack Pie it most certainly is!  Crack Pie is the creation of pastry chef Christina Tosi of Momofuku’s Milk Bar fame in New York City.  Following all of the news and reading all of the articles about David Chang’s ventures, I have been dreaming about trying Momofuku on our next trip to NYC.  A few weeks ago our local newspaper, the News & Observer, published an adapted recipe for Crack Pie.  I cut it out thinking that one day I would try to make it.  Well, G noticed the cut out sitting on the dining room table and found out that it could be ordered online and delivered the next day.  So, for my birthday this past weekend, my gift was Crack Pie direct from the source!

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Sofra, Cambridge

Last weekend before running errands G and I decided to stop in and finally try Sofra Bakery and Café.  It is a Middle Eastern café run by the chef and owners of Oleana.  It is a nice café with seating for about 14 people.  When we arrived it was quite busy and all the seating was taken.  We went ahead and ordered and decided to eat at the counter in the middle.  They offer a nice variety of breakfast, lunch, and snack items.  I tried the creamy eggplant, leeks & goat cheese stuffed flatbread.  It was a delicate, thin, almost crepe-like, flat bread filled with delicious, creamy nutty eggplant and goat cheese.  G tried the lamb shawarma pita.  It was amazing!  The lamb was soft tender and beautifully flavored!

We ended with a couple of cookies.  I tried the molasses cookie which was nice and chewy.  G tried the chocolate chunk which was extremely rich!  It was full of lots of rich dark chocolate with just enough batter holding them all together.  We took home a chocolate hazelnut baklava.  Though nice, the flavors were a little unusual.  I am not sure I liked the combination of chocolate and honey.

The café also sells many prepared dishes which can be taken home and sell various Middle Eastern spices and mixtures which can be used to experiment at home.  I know we will be back to try the mezze/hummus bar and stock up on some spices.  But, most definitely for the lamb shawarma!

Sofra Bakery & Cafe
1 Belmont St

, MA 02138

Friday night go-to

When we don’t get sushi, another Friday night go to option is Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Sq.  This little specialty shop specializes in handmade fresh pasta, ravioli, and homemade sauces.  They expanded a few years ago to sell prepared foods, sandwiches, artisanal cheeses, fresh bread, and unique groceries.

They have fresh pasta ready to cut into linguini, angel hair, fettucine, spaghetti, or pappardelle.  You can also have the sheets pressed into lasagna noodles.  At home you just need to boil the pasta and heat up the sauce!  Some of our favorite combinations are the whole wheat spaghetti with the meatballs and marinara.  The meatballs are delicious and wholesome ideal with the tangy marinara and the toothsome whole wheat pasta.  Another favorite combination is the porcini ravioli with the wild mushroom cream sauce.  The combination is just mushroom heaven!

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