é by Jose Andres, Las Vegas

No, I haven’t fallen off the planet! Let’s just say that life and laziness have gotten in the way of blogging. But, I am back and, of course, have had many wonderful meals to tell you about.

First off, an amazing meal at é in Las Vegas. We met some friends of ours there in December and were able to make a reservation for the intimate 8 seat dining experience at é, by José Andrés. The space is located inside Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan. When you arrive all the guests are seated in the bar and explained the drink options before being taken into the separate space as a group. They offer a couple of pairings with the meal at different price points as well as a complete drink and wine menu. We opted to share one of the pairings as we have found these types of pairings can translate into a lot of drinks!

Inside the space is intimate and the décor eclectic. The space is dimly lit but bright with jewel tones and metallic surfaces. The eight guests are seated at a semi-circle allowing us to see everything as the chefs’ plate each dish of the 21 course set menu. Below are pictures and a brief description, with my thoughts, of each course.

Edible Sangria 2014: This was dehydrated sangria flavored foam. It was a light and airy dish which danced on the tongue.

Cotton Candy 2.0 and Daisy: This was really two dishes plated together. The first was an empanada made with a cotton candy shell filled with foie gras. It had an amazing texture and just melted on the tongue. The flower was made of Manchego cheese and was encased with a rice flour cracker. The strong nutty flavor of the manchego was highlighted in this nice bite.

Beet-kini: ​This was a play on the Catalonian specialty ‘bikini’, which is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. This version was made with an airy beet crisp and a blue cheese cream filling. I didn’t love this dish because the blue cheese filling was just a bit too strong for the delicate and light flavor of the beet ‘bread’.

Coca de Recapte: This dish was a version of Catalonian flat bread with vegetable puree and anchovies. This was one of my favorites though it was one of the simpler dishes of the evening from a technical standpoint. I loved the combination of the sweetness of the vegetables with the brininess of the anchovy and the slight crunch of the flat bread.

“Merienda”: ​Another one of my favorites was this ham and goat cheese sandwich on brioche. It was a perfect combination of richness in a single delicious bite!

Oyster & Oyster: This dish was another twofer with a smoked oyster and chicken oyster in chicken skin with thyme air. The smoked oyster was just delicious! I was a bit nervous out the chicken oyster but it was a simple bite with a nice chew and wonderful aroma of the thyme air.

Pescado en “Adobo”: ​This was a take on the tapas staple, salt cod fritters. This fritter was made with thresher shark and had a chickpea crust. This was a nice dish but I felt that the flavor of the shark was overwhelmed by the richness of the chickpea crust.

El Vermut: This dish was marinated mussels with liquid olives and citrus foam. Others enjoyed this dish more than I did. For me, the citrus dominated the dish and I wasn’t able to taste the mussels.

Cava Sangria: These were little bites of jellied cava. They were fantastic! A little burst of bubbles on your tongue!

“Fabes” con Jamòn: ​I think this dish of encapsulated fava bean and jamon puree was one of my favorites of the evening! They pureed the fava beans and then somehow put them back together resulting in a delicate creamy bite which was just perfectly offset by the flavorful jamon broth.  It was just lovely!

Gambas de Palamos: This was a sweet and salty dish with briny head-on shrimp balanced with basil dust, jellied apple, and fried basil leaves. Quite nice but a surprisingly large dish with 2 shrimp each.

“Kokotxas” al Pil-pil: This was a dish of the throat of cod fish with parsley sauce and roasted pepper sauce. It was tasty but also quite simple.

Mushrooms en Papillote: ​This was an incredibly rich dish of mushrooms in a cream sauce! I loved the presentation steamed in the paper and cut open for each guest.

Chuleta: ​This was a dish of wagyu beef, white asparagus and piquillo pepper. It was amazing! The beef was absolutely perfect and just melt in your mouth!

Torta Pascualete with Cotton Candy: ​This was a dish made with Torta Pascualete cheese which is a creamy ripe cheese that is a specialty of the Basque area. In this dish it was liquefied and served with a brown butter. Honestly, I really didn’t like this dish at all and only managed one bite. The cheese was extremely strong and pungent which I couldn’t get past.

Créma Catalana Egg: This was the first of the sweet dishes and was simply amazing! This was an egg custard made with a sous vide egg. So elegant!!

After Eight Timbal: This was a timbal of chocolate and mint, reminiscent of an After Eight. As soon as you cracked into the chocolate shell the mint chocolate filling spilled. It was awesome!

Ferrero Rocher: ​This was their rendition of the Ferrero Rocher and it was fantastic! The golden nugget was served in a beautiful little red box. Such a treat!

Yemita: This light lemon sorbet was a perfect palate cleanser.

More things: This last plate offered a several little delicious bites which were a perfect ending to an incredible meal!! It was quite an experience and while all the dishes weren’t perfect, in my opinion, they were all unique, creative and challenged the palate!

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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