The Gage, Chicago

Typically, restaurants in touristy areas are overpriced with average, at best, food. But, we have been pleasantly surprised here in Chicago. The Gage is another, with a location directly across from Millennium Park, which was wonderful!

We made a last minute date to see a matinee nearby and decided to check out The Gage for an early dinner so that we could just walk over from the play. The Gage is an upscale tavern with kicked up comfort food. We met some friends prior to dinner for drinks at the bar. The bar menu is fun with a variety of sprits, in particular whisky (if you are a whisky drinker!), beers, and wines. The bar is beautiful with oak wood shelving and leather riveted barstools.

After an hour or so we moved over to our table in dining room with leather booths and white table clothes. We continued our drinks as we looked over the menu. We decided to share a couple of appetizers and an entrée. The crispy, sticky, smoky, lamb ribs were wonderful! As advertised, they are sticky with a sweet, tangy glaze. The ribs themselves were perfectly tender. I am a sucker for scotch eggs, so we had to try it as well. The sausage covered egg was delicious, spicy, and flavorful! We shared an entrée special of pork belly with an Asian slaw. It too was tasty but not as interesting as the two appetizers we ordered. Unfortunately, we were too full to try any of the dessert options.

All the dishes we ordered were well executed and interesting but nothing over the top or particularly creative. The atmosphere and service was lovely and we really enjoyed our meal and drinks. A great option when you find yourself playing tourist!

The Gage
24 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60603

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