Wild Tuna Contemporary Sushi, Naperville

Tuna Tower

It is always necessary to find a local sushi place that is your go to. We have found Wild Tuna to be a great option out here in the western suburbs. Located in one of the many strip malls that dot Route 59, it is a simple, clean, if rather uninspired space. There is a small bar along the right hand side wall as you walk in and a sushi bar along the back of the space. We have visited several times and also gotten take out on a few occasions. In our visits the place is often fairly full and the service has been quite pleasant.

The menu is pretty typical with a few hot appetizers, hot entrees, and a variety of sushi rolls, ranging from simple to very complicated. In our many visits, we have tried several rolls and have been impressed by the quality of the fish and preparation of the rolls. Of the rolls we have tried, our favorites tend to be the simpler ones; the spicy tuna maki and the wild tuna maki were standouts. They also have a specials board with sashimi specials which have also been quite good.

Our favorite dish here is the Tuna Tower, which is actually on the appetizer menu. It is a layered dish with sushi rice, spicy king crab, avocado, and tuna tartare. When the dish is beautiful tower is brought to your table the server uses two spoons to mix the layers together. This deconstructed roll is a wonderful combination of flavors!

We really enjoy the sushi at Wild Tuna and I am sure we will be back again in the near future.

Wild Tuna Contemporary Sushi
3355 Lacrosse Ln.
Naperville, IL 60564

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