Pizzeria Neo, Naperville

Looking for a local, kid friendly, dinner out we decided we would try Pizzaria Neo. Located downtown Naperville and getting a lot of positive buzz we figured it would be good for an early dinner with the little guy. We got there early, at 5:15pm, on a Friday evening and were surprised to see how hip it was and wondered if it was appropriate to have a 14 month old there. We asked the hostess and she immediately said she would bring us a high chair. The décor and ambiance is like a lounge; dimly lit with low techno music in the background and the option to sit at couches, a bar with a wood fired oven, or tables. Since we were quite early we were given the option to sit anywhere. We opted for a table towards the back to stay away from the cold winter air.

Our server was friendly and informative with the menu and options. As I was debating on a glass of wine, he brought me a taste of both. He was also helpful by bringing out some toasted bread for JJ while we were looking at the menu and waiting for our food. The menu includes an option to create your own salumeria platter. For different prices you can choose a number of meats, cheeses and antipasti. We decided to start with two meats, prosciutto and bresaola, and two cheeses, fontina and pecorino, which were served with baguette and grapes. It is a nice option to customize a simple starter.

We then selected three bruschetta as our second starter before the pizza. They offer several kinds and you can choose three in a serving. We tried the funghi, roasted red pepper and prosciutto. All three were very nice bites bursting with delicious flavors. We were surprised by how filling these were.

For pizzas, they offer both rosso, with red sauce, and bianco, without red sauce. We selected the special that evening which was a bianco pizza with fresh burrata, arugula and cherry tomatoes. It was just delicious! The crust was thin, Neapolitan style, which had a nice crunch and at the same time a little chew. The burrata was just warmed and provided a rich creamy texture against the crisp slightly bitter bite of the arugula and sweetness of the tomatoes. It was a perfect combination.

Finally, for dessert we tried the tiramisu which was ‘deconstructed’ and served in a martini glass. It was a nice combination of marscapone, which wasn’t too sweet, and a coffee soaked ladies fingers. It was a very nice ending to a nice dinner.

Pizzeria Neo
47 Chicago Ave
Naperville, IL

2 thoughts on “Pizzeria Neo, Naperville

  1. Thank you for your warm and sincere review of my Resturaunt.
    I am pleased to here you felt welcome in my establishment.
    Running 2 successful locations is a team effort and I am proud to have staff that makes every persons visit special.
    Thanks for the support and hope to see you soon
    Gaetano, Owner

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