Lucha Tigre, Chapel Hill


Mexican-Asian fusion is not something I’ve seen before but is the concept behind Lucha Tigre. It is a new-ish place, in the old Flying Burrito space next to Flyleaf Books and Foster’s Market in Chapel Hill. The space is nice with gray walls decorated with black, white and red Lucha Libre wrestling posters. We went early, since we have the little one, and the atmosphere was causal and comfortable. We started with the Lucha Mojito which were a twist on the traditional mojito and included ginger. It was fresh and bright! I loved that it was served with a piece of sugar cane which I had to chew down!

After surveying the menu we decided to share several small dishes. The pozole, which was made with chicken rather than pork, was very tasty! It was quite typical and didn’t have a fusion aspect to it but it was well prepared and satisfying. The pork belly bun was a nice combination of airy bun and rich pork. The pork belly had a good amount of fat and melted in your mouth. Though good, it didn’t match the best pork belly bun I’ve had. The pork dumplings were straightforward with a skin that had a nice texture and the filling was flavorful. Again, this dish didn’t have any fusion aspects to it. The roasted poblano corn empanada was also very well prepared with a nice combination of flavors and a spicy smokiness from the roasted poblanos.  The highlights of the meal were the two tacos we tried. The beef bulgogi was fantastic with nicely marinated and tender beef wrapped in a thick, homemade corn tortilla and served with kimchi. The mu shu pork taco was also very tasty with cabbage and scallions and served with a hoisin sauce.  However, the tacos are small and you would need several to make a meal of them.

For desert we tried the churros and the coconut tres leche cake. The churros were disappointing because they were dense and oily. However, the tres leche cake made up for it! It was delicious, sweet and light. Though I would not have advertised it as coconut tres leche cake since the coconut was just sprinkled on top and wasn’t throughout the cake.

Overall, Lucha Tigre is a fun space with unique and creative food, though it can be hit or miss.

Lucha Tigre
746 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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