Donuts, donuts everywhere!

Donuts seem to be all the rage right now; two new donut shops have opened up in Durham and are getting a lot of buzz. Monuts Donuts, which already had a loyal following from their food bike, has opened up a brick and mortar store in downtown Durham. Rise Biscuits and Donuts has opened up in the Southpoint area.

After our lunch at BCBB we walked across the street to get some donuts for dessert at Monuts Donuts. The space is small with a cafe style set-up. The exposed brick wall and unmatched tables and chairs give it a comfortable and pleasant feel. There is a glass display case at the counter where you order. The batches of donuts are baked continuously throughout the day so they are often warm. We tried two chocolate cake donuts, the Earl Grey and the Chai. Both were warm and just glazed. Delicious! The chocolate cake donut was rich and dense with the subtle flavors of Earl Grey tea and Chai in the glaze. In retrospect we should have made different choices since both were extremely similar as they were the same donut base with different glazes. I guess we will just have to return to try more!

One day running errands we stopped by Rise to get a couple of donuts to go. The space is small with just a few seats, pale blue walls with an orange accent wall. It was quite crowded when we arrived (which seems to be a common complaint) but since we were getting donuts to go we didn’t need to take a number and wait in line. They have one staff member with an iPad and you can place to go orders with them. We got the Death by Chocolate and a Chocolate Pudding (pictured above). The Death by Chocolate is a Long John with chocolate glaze, brownie bits, chocolate chips, and a chocolate drizzle. It was quite decadent; in fact, it might have been too much chocolate going on. The Chocolate Pudding was wonderful!  A light yeast donut topped with a almond glaze and filled with chocolate pudding. The almond was a nice complement to the creamy pudding.

Both places also offer savory options, such as biscuits and bagels, which sounded delicious. I will have to try those one day as well but in the meantime I’ll indulge my sweet tooth!

Monuts Donuts
110 East Parrish St
Durham, NC 27701

Rise Biscuits & Donuts
8200 Renaissance Pkwy, Ste 1003
Durham, NC 27713

2 thoughts on “Donuts, donuts everywhere!

  1. Funny you posted this – I was just about to do a posting on donuts as well. You’ve got to try the biscuits at Rise – I’d say they’re even better than the donuts.

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