Bull City Burger and Brewery, Durham

Ok, I must admit, it is more difficult than I anticipated finding time to blog with a newborn and a full time job but I’m trying. Needless to say it is more appealing to spend the limited down time trying out new places than it is to sit down and write about them! We have been able to try a few places so the posts will roll out slowly but surely.

A few weekends ago when the weather was nice we took the opportunity to take a walk in Duke Forest and try Bull City Burger and Brewery (BCBB).  This is a cool burger joint right in downtown Durham. It is a casual, comfortable space with communal wooden picnic benches and floor to ceiling glass windows allowing visitors a glimpse into the brewery. They also have a nice covered outdoor space behind the restaurant for warmer days. Though casual in feel they are serious about their product. They use North Carolina pasture-raised beef, bake their own buns and make their own condiments. They also offer a nice choice of atypical beverages; in addition to their own beers, they have a self-serve wine dispenser, and a Boylan fountain soda machine.

We found a table outside and took turns going in to select what we wanted to order. G had the Green Monster which is served with gruyere cheese, onions and roasted poblano peppers. I had the Pimento Burger with house-made pimento cheese and pickles. We also shared an order of the Duck Frites. Some may argue that the burgers were too small but we found the size to be perfect. They were nicely cooked to order and overall very tasty. G really enjoyed the combination of toppings on his though he felt that the poblanos could have been roasted a bit more to provide a more smoky flavor. My burger was delicious though I had some structural integrity issues since the pickle slices were quite thick. The fries were addictive and tasty but nothing too special. They also offer some interesting vegetarian options which is nice for a burger place.

Overall, while the burgers at BCBB were very good they didn’t quite compare to those we had at Chuck’s. However, the use of local, responsibly raised beef and proximity to us does make BCBB a great option for a tasty burger.

Bull City Burger and Brewery

107 E Parrish St.
Durham, NC 27701

2 thoughts on “Bull City Burger and Brewery, Durham

  1. Yeah, being a parent means always being busy! We think BCBB is great. I really like the buns they make, and the burgers are nicely cooked. The duck frites are good but the regular fries are good too, and easier to eat.

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