Chuck’s, Raleigh

Well, let’s just say that Ashley Christensen has a knack for getting things just perfect!  After wonderful experiences at both Poole’s and Beasley’s we were looking forward to trying the burgers at Chuck’s.  One a spur of moment decision we headed to Chuck’s for a Saturday lunch.  Like Beasley’s, Chuck’s is a concept restaurant focusing on burgers, fries, and milkshakes.  Located right next to Beasley’s it has a similar feel; a renovated store front with one large room and huge display windows allowing a lot of light into the space.  Again, the décor is minimalist, emphasizing the original construction with exposed brick walls and an unfinished, loft style ceiling with exposed pipes and fixtures.  The colors are simple black, white, and red with black bull heads mounted along the walls of the space.

The main menu itself is simple, offering either an 8oz. or 5oz. burger with a variety of toppings.  I was glad to see the smaller size, ‘Little Chuck’, as an option.  The toppings are unique and inspired with options such as tortilla dust, roasted poblano chilies and specialty cheeses.  G opted for ‘The Dirty South’ which comes with smoked pork shoulder and Anson Mills Sea Island Red Pea ‘Chili’, crispy tobacco onions, roasted tomato slaw, Ashe County Mountain Cheddar, and yellow mustard.  It was quite a concoction!  I would argue that there might have been just too much going on in that burger but G was quite happy.  I opted for ‘The Big House’ which was topped with Hook’s 3-year cheddar, Tennessee sorghum-dijon, and thyme-caramelized shallots.  In this case, the toppings were much more approachable and the combination of flavors was wonderful.  In both cases, the burgers were perfectly cooked; a thick patty with a slight char on the outside but pink and juicy in the center.

We also shared an order of fries which are cooked in duck fat.  If alone, they weren’t addictive enough, they are served with your choice of seven dipping sauces.  We tried the espelette aioli, which is made with a sweet French pepper, and the roasted garlic aioli.  The thick cut fries were nice and crisp on the outside with a rich potato chew in each bite.  Unfortunately, we were just too full to try the milkshakes but we will certainly correct that on our next visit.

If you are craving a wonderful, unique, gourmet burger, Chuck’s is the perfect stop.  There is a great attention to detail in the all aspects of the restaurant, the space, the food, and the flavor combinations, and again Chuck’s delivers on all fronts.

237 S. Wilmington St.
Raleigh, NC27601

2 thoughts on “Chuck’s, Raleigh

  1. I agree – Chuck’s is great. The burgers are great and the fries are outstanding. I like the roasted garlic aioli and the buttermilk ranch dips for the fries. I’ve tried a couple of milkshakes and they are good too, but, yes, the burger and fries is usually plenty of food. Aside from burgers, you can get a nice fried chicken sandwich as well.

    • Thanks Ben! I didn’t know they had a fried chicken sandwich. This is great news as my husband prefers Beasley’s (he loves fried chicken!) and I am partial to a burger, so this may solve our dilemma! I definitely want to save room for a milkshake next time!!

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