Revolution, Durham


Revolution is one of the many restaurants in Durham which garners rave reviews and I have wanted to try it for some time. We took in an early movie on a Friday afternoon at the lovely Carolina Theater and headed over to Revolution for dinner. It is a beautifully renovated space on Main St. that is decorated primarily in white with a few splashes of color. As you enter the space is divided in two, the right is set up with tables and booths and to the left is a large bar which has a ‘U’ shape. It was a busy night with pre-theater diners so we found seats at the lively bar. One wall of the bar is decorated with a beautiful floral tile mosaic which softens the sparse white space. The cocktail list is impressive and we each settled on an option from the list. It was a very busy evening at the bartender was a bit rushed and not too helpful in describing the drinks we asked about.

The menu has a ‘Chilled/Raw’ section, which includes seafood, salads, and charcuterie, a ‘Small’ section with appetizer size portions, and a ‘Big’ section with entrée size dishes. In typical style, we opted to share four small plates. The waiter offered to course these for us; I really appreciate when they do that because otherwise you are left juggling plates and with cold food. We started with the Duck and Pepper Jack Tamales which were fantastic; my favorite dish of the evening. The duck was tender and very nicely spiced, the roasted tomato salsa added a hint of smokiness to the dish, and the corn pico added a nice sweet, brightness. Next we had the Rock Shrimp Hush Puppies which were tasty but lacking in shrimp. The hush puppies had a slight shrimp flavor to them but the only measurable shrimp were about six rock shrimp in the sauce on the plate. Next we had the Lamb Ravioli with Mint Pesto which was delicious; the mint pesto was earthy and warm offsetting the richness of the lamb. But, be forewarned, it is a pesto made primarily with mint so if you are not a fan of mint, like my husband, this is not a good option for you. Lastly, we had the meatballs which were the most disappointing dish of the evening. It was two very large meatballs that were dense and not particularly flavorful served in a tomato sauce. Unfortunately, there was only a little sauce on the plate which was insufficient for the large meatballs. The portions on the small plates were actually bigger than I expected. We would have been fine with three which would have also left us with room for dessert.

By the time we were done with dinner, around 8pm, the crowds had died down and the space was much quieter. Revolution is a lovely space with fun and well prepared dishes, which were hit and miss for us. We will go back to enjoy a meal at the lovely bar but we’ll make sure to check the theater schedule and go post rush or on an off night.

107 West Main Street
Durham, NC 27701

2 thoughts on “Revolution, Durham

  1. Glad you got to try this place. I have wanted to go, but the price has kept me from going there. Maybe some day I’ll try it anyway!

    • I understand! The small plates are good size portions so you could opt to do a couple of those at the bar for a casual dinner (which is what we did!).

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