Studio 91, Chapel Hill

Studio 91 is a wine bar/art gallery in the same plaza as Jujube.  It is a fun concept where you can taste some great wines and also enjoy the work of various artists.  The space is intimate with about 5 tall tables (2 of which are larger for groups) and a lounge area with a couple of couches.  The tables are all custom-made and filled with wine corks.  On the walls hang the art pieces which are currently on display.  In the back there is a membership only lounge with more couches and a couple of TVs.

They offer several wines by the glass, wine flights, and private tastings.  For food they offer a few plates to nosh on, including a meat trio platter, a cheese plate, and an antipasti platter.  We went with another couple for a private wine tasting which included six wines each and a cheese platter.  We were seated at an intimate four top table.  The wine host explained each of the wines as she poured them.  Though, I felt her explanations were a bit basic and unenthusiastic.  The wines we tasted ranged by region of production and by grape.  The last wine was a dessert wine and we were served chocolate truffles with this wine.  Personally, I wished that the tasting had a theme of some type (i.e., California wines, bold reds, unsual grapes, etc).  Only three of the wines we tasted suited my palate and would I consider purchasing.  But, it was nice to try some to try some wines which were unfamiliar to me and allowed me to expand my wine knowledge.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and enjoyable.  We were not rushed at any time and lingered for almost 2 hours as we chatted and tasted wines.  Studio 91 offers a great atmosphere and the opportunity for fun, relaxing evening out.

Studio 91
1201 Raleigh Rd, Ste H
Chapel Hill,NC 27517

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