G2B Gastropub, Durham

G2B is a grastropub which is awkwardly located on the backside of an office park at Shannon Rd. and University Dr. in Durham.  We went early on a Saturday evening for a light dinner before heading to a holiday party.  While, we were early it was almost empty when we arrived.  Like its sister restaurant ONE, the space is über modern.  The sleek leather chairs are paired with simple polished wood tables.  The lighting is dim and accented by constantly changing colored lights which varies the overall mood of the space.  The open kitchen is set off to once corner with a lounge area of couches and a gaming station between it and the bar.  In the center there is a white counter with several, maybe about 15, beers on tap. Over all it is fun, funky, yet upscale space.

We decided to sit at the bar which was a good idea as our bartender (I forgot his name!) was wonderfully entertaining!  The menu offers upscale pub food.  We started with a couple of glasses of wine as we chatted with the bartender and decided what to eat.  We asked the bartender why the place was called G2B and he said that no one really knows but the best explanation he heard was that the ‘G’ is for ‘gastropub’ the ‘B’ is for ‘beer house’ and the 2 is because it is the second restaurant for this owner.  Seems quite logical!

We started with the Crispy Pork Belly from the Bar Snacks Menu.  They were melt-in-your-mouth delicious!  Small bite size pieces of pork belly fried and sprinkled with a blend of spices.  A perfect crispy, salty, fatty, bite to go with your drink!  From the Small Plates Menu we tried the Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wings.  These were some of the best buffalo wings I have had.  The sauce had just the right addictive amount of spice for me such that I could feel it on my lips but I still wanted to eat more!  The wonderfully crispy skin added to the addictive nature.  Finally, we shared the Shepard’s Pie from the Large Plates Menu.  This was an ideal rendition of this dish.  The meat and vegetables were seasoned perfectly with a nice hint of nutmeg.  It was a brisk night so these comforting dishes hit the spot.

We left at about 7pm and the place was still very quite.  I do hope that the great reviews will help get the word out since the location may not be ideal.  I know we will be back for a relaxing evening and great food!

G2B Gastropub
3211 Shannon Road #106
Durham, NC 27707

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