Rue Cler, Durham

A few weeks ago we headed to Rue Cler for a nice relaxing dinner.  We didn’t have a reservation but managed to get a high bar table right by the window.  Since, the restaurant is on the corner it is a nice place to watch the world go by.  The large space is split into two smaller, more intimate rooms with a nice slat-wood wall.  The tables are simple and fairly closely packed adding to the charming, energetic vibe. 

For dinner, they offer a regularly changing prix fixe menu and a few French bistro classics, such as steak frites and coq au vin, as a la carte options.  What is fantastic about the menu is that all of the dishes on the prix fixe menu can be ordered separately, which allows for endless options. 

I started with a tart from the prix fixe menu.  It was delicious!  The mushroom and leek topping was offset by the acidity of a simple tomato sauce which all sat on a buttery crust.  G actually started with the gratin dauphinois as a starter rather than a side.  It was a decadent version of this dish with layers very thinly sliced potatoes, cheese and cream.  For our entrées we opted with dishes from the a la carte menu, steak frites for me and coq au vin for G.  Both were wonderful versions of these classics.  The steak was perfectly cooked to my requested medium and the frites were cut addictively thin and perfectly seasoned.  The coq au vin too was rich and hearty with nice thick cuts of vegetables.  Finally for dessert we shared the terrine au chocolat which was absolutely indulgent!

The waiter was also very helpful, with an easy going attitude.  We will most certainly be back for delicious a French meal in a warm charming atmosphere. 

Rue Cler
401 East Chapel Hill Street

6 thoughts on “Rue Cler, Durham

  1. Well I figured I’d also recommend the brunch, but Ben and Becca beat me to it! Let me add a third voice in support of brunch and beignets (and a mimosa doesn’t hurt).

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