Tokyo House, Raleigh

A few weeks ago we decided to try Tokyo House in Raleigh because I had read some good reviews and we were in the general vicinity.  It is a nondescript strip mall in the Six Forks area.  The space is simple but pleasant with two private rooms, a sushi bar, and several regular tables and booths.  We sat at the large sushi bar and were greeted by the friendly wait staff and sushi chefs.  Several of the others sitting at the bar seemed to be regulars and were chatting with the sushi chefs.  It had quite a warm, neighborhood atmosphere to it.

We kept it simple and just ordered a few maki rolls.  We tried two Special Rolls, the Celebration Roll and the Rainbow Roll.  The Celebration Roll is spicy may mixed with shrimp and fish roe with cucumber and wrapped with tempura crumbs.  It was delicious! It had a nice spice and crunch of the cucumber and tempura.  The Rainbow roll is standard in most sushi restaurants and is shrimp and crab rolled with assorted kinds of fish on the outside.  This one had tuna, salmon, eel and yellow tail on the outside and was wonderful.  We also ordered three of our favorite go-to rolls; the umeshiso roll (Japanese plum and mint leaf), the spicy tuna roll and the spicy salmon roll.  All of the rolls were very well prepared, with ample fish and nicely packed rice.

Given the friendly staff, the neighborhood atmosphere, and the great sushi we would be there more often if we lived in the area.  And, we will most certainly go back when we are in the area.

Tokyo House
7439 Six Forks Road

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