Thinking of Japan

Last week after the earthquake and tsunami a friend asked, “Aren’t you glad you went to Japan when you did?”  My response was, “Isn’t that the tragic truth.”

A week later and it seems as though the news coming out of the situation is just getting worse.  It is true that there is little we can do but despair over the crisis from a far.  However, we can contribute whatever we are able to the emergency relief efforts that are being coordinated for the victims.

There are several organizations which are collecting funds towards the rescue effort but I wanted to highlight a few.  Two organizations which work to provide food for the victims and the displaced are World Food Program and the local Raleigh based Stop Hunger Now.

Also, there are a few events which are being coordinated by the generous food blogger community.  Chika of She Who Eats is raising funds for the International Rescue Committee.  Food bloggers in the U.S. are organizing a collective bake sale in various cities around the country.  Update: There is also an online bake sale being organized by The Tomato Tart.

In our travels to Japan last year, it was clear that the country and it’s people are resilient and will surely emerge stronger from this tragedy.  I only hope our contributions can help in some small way.

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