Pop’s Backdoor South, Durham

For our NRT outing in February we opted for something more casual.  This time we tried Pop’s Backdoor Pizza South in Durham.  This is a new outlet of the popular Pop’s Backdoor in Downtown but since that only has a few seats it isn’t an option for our big group.  The new location is in the newly developing Hope Valley Plaza next to the post office.  The space is quite causal, typical of any pizza-sub shop.  The menu is posted on the wall and you place your order at the counter.  Several of the specialty pies looked delicious so we were happy to hear that they will do half/half pies.

We started with a couple of appetizers for the group.  Pop’s Famous Mussels were very tasty in tomato broth with lots of garlic and onion.  The crispy calamari with harissa aioli were delicious!  The batter was light, providing just the right crispness.

Since there were six of us we opted for three small pizzas so that we could try several specialty combinations.  Overall we managed to try five specialty pies.  The #2 Pop’s with pepperoni, homemade sausage, fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese was quite tasty with a good distribution of toppings. The #4 Margherita with roma tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella was nice and simple.  The #8 Veggie Lover with artichokes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, goat cheese was very tasty but a just a bit salty.  The #5 The Polpette with housemade meatballs, spinach, roasted garlic, parmesan was my favorite as the homemade meatballs were wonderful with a perfect amount of spices and herbs.  Finally, we had the #10 Bar-B-Q: with chicken, bar-b-q sauce, banana peppers, honey chevre which I didn’t try this one so I can’t comment on it.

The pizza was good, particularly the topping combinations.  However, the crust was a little soggy for my taste.  They toppings were not supported by crust and were falling off.  My other issue was there was too much cheese, I much prefer cheese used sparingly on pizza.  While it is a good pie, I think the appetizers were better.  I am sure we will be back but I am also sure that our quest for the best pizza in the Triangle will continue.

Pop’s Backdoor South
3710 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707

4 thoughts on “Pop’s Backdoor South, Durham

  1. Thanks for the report. Many people, including me, think Bella Mia in Cary is the best pizza in the Triangle. They use an uber-hot coal-fired oven. Greg Cox named it his restaurant of the year. I also like Salvio’s in Cary and Lilly’s Pizza in Raleigh.

    • I have only tried Bella Mia once and I did like it. However, it was take out so I am not sure it was the best showing since it was a bit cold by the time we got it home. I do want to try it again at the restaurant before reviewing it. I had not heard about Salvio’s or Lilly’s so I will add those to my list. Thanks for the recommendations!

      • Lilly’s is not for everyone, but I like some of their pies. They do a thick, slighty sweet crust. And the ambience is loud and punk-rock.

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