Market Restaurant, Raleigh

G and I headed over to Market Restaurant after a movie on Saturday.  It is a funny location but that didn’t bother us since everything in Raleigh is a drive anyway.  It was packed and the hostess said it would be a 25 minute wait.  It is a lovely, open space with pleasant green walls, simple wooden furniture and an open kitchen.  It has a very west coast (think casual SF or Seattle) relaxed feel to it.  We had waited about 10 minutes and a spot at the bar opened up.  We decided we would go ahead and eat there as we always enjoy sitting at the bar and watching all the action!

The focus of the restaurant is sustainability.  Therefore, they offer a seasonally changing menu with most of the ingredients sourced from local farms.  We were interested in a few appetizers so we decided to try two and share an entrée.  We ordered the Crack Fries and the Lump Blue Crab Cake as appetizers.  For our entrée we shared the Stewed pork and hominy.  It was a bit awkward that all the dishes came out at the same time but we were hungry so it didn’t matter.  We moved the fries to the back and noshed on those throughout the meal.  They were delicious; an addictive crunch enhanced by truffle oil and herbs!  The crab cake was also very nicely prepared.  It was light on the breading and featured a lot of large pieces of crab and the dill crème fraîche added a nice tang.

Our entrée was wonderful!  The chunks of pork were slow cooked and nicely flavored with poblano chiles.  The stewed pork was drier than we expected but there was enough of the rich sauce which to enjoy with the herbed grits it was served over.  It was served with a wedge of lime which brightened the flavors of the hearty dish.  Honestly, we couldn’t stop eating it!

Finally, we tried the Mexican-spiced chocolate cake for dessert.  It was a five layer, simple and light chocolate cake but the icing stole the show.  It was a vegan icing spiced with cinnamon and maybe some coffee.  A wonderful way to end a lovely meal!

Our server couldn’t have been nicer given what a busy chaotic night it was.  The Market Restaurant is a nice causal space with delicious and inspired dishes you can enjoy in good conscious.  We look forward to going back to try new creations on the menu.

Market Restaurant
938 North Blount Street
Raleigh, NC 27604

3 thoughts on “Market Restaurant, Raleigh

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  2. I like Market too and I wish there were more restaurants like this, especially in Raleigh. I’ve been a couple of times and everything has been very good. They do a good fish taco and their pollo au vin (on the current menu) is dark, smoky and delicious. I haven’t had dessert there yet because the fabulous Escazu chocolates is just right next door.

    • I know we will be back to try new menu items too! Maybe we should get back sooner to check out the pollo au vin! 🙂

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