Inchin’s Bamboo Garden, Morrisville

Our NRT outing for December was to Inchin’s Bamboo Garden in Morrisville.  It is in a typical strip mall with a pizza place and a hardware store.  The space itself is pleasant with dark wood tones and simple furniture.  We were a large group this time so we had a few tables put together.  Half of our group arrived at 7pm and the other half at 7:30pm.  The menu is Indo-Chinese dishes which is rare but a fun variation on Indian restaurants.  So, what is Indo-Chinese you ask?  In the U.S. we have Americanized Chinese food such as General Tao’s Chicken and Lo Mein Noodles.  Well, Indo-Chinese is an Indian take on Chinese food with specific dishes such as Chicken 65 and Vegetable Manchurian.  So, the menu at Inchin’s Bamboo Garden focuses on these dishes.

G and I started with the Sweet Corn Soup.  It was nice with full corn flavor and yet light.  For appetizers we tried the Vegetable Spring Rolls, which were straightforward with a nice crispy shell.  The Crispy Chili Potatoes were tasty but quite unexpected as they were just frozen french fries with a spicy hot sauce on them.  The highlight of the appetizers was the Chicken 65, which is pieces of fired chicken coasted in a fiery sauce and tossed with curry leaves and green and red peppers.  It was delicious!

We were a large group so were ordered a lot of dishes and shared everything family style and all the dishes were served with rice.  I will highlight just a few of the dishes.  I was most excited about the Sesame Chicken as it is one of my favorite dishes but unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectation.  The sauce was more like a sweet and sour sauce and didn’t have any of the rich sesame flavor I was hoping for.  The Crispy Eggplant Chili Honey was very nice with a simple sautéed eggplant preparation in a sweet, spicy sauce.  The highlight of the dinner dishes was the cumin lamb.  The chunks of lamb were tender with rich cumin flavor and served with green peppers.  It was a simple, delicious dish!

The service was fine but not great.  Our server seemed confused by our large group and the staged ordered since we arrived at different times.  While I would consider going back, the food was a bit hit or miss.  Some dishes were very good while other mediocre.  Therefore, if you have favorites you order regularly it would be a nice alternative to a typical Indian restaurant.

Inchin’s Bamboo Garden‎
3532 Davis Dr
Morrisville, NC 27560

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