Dos Taquitos, Raleigh

Our NRT outing for September was Dos Taquitos in Raleigh.  It is in one of the many ubiquitous strip malls around here.  But, as soon as you enter you forget the strip mall and are transported to another place.  The space is fun with loud music, kistchy decorations and dim lighting.  The semi-enclosed patio also has the same feel.  We arrived and the place was packed.  Having heard that this would be the case I called ahead and made a reservation (they are only accepted for weeknights).  When I told the hostess we were here she said it would be a few minutes.  So we went outside to get out of the way of the stream of traffic.  We waited about 15 minutes and realized that others were being seated while we continued to wait.  One of our group members went to check on the situation and the hostess said there was still a wait.  Again we waited another 15 minutes and went back to check.  Apparently, everyone was being seated inside and we had asked for a patio table which was not available.  It seemed obvious to all of us that if a group, who made a reservation, is waiting for over 30 minutes shouldn’t you offer the option of an indoor table?  Finally, we spoke to the manager and were seated immediately, on the patio none the less!  The manager was quite nice and offered us drinks on the house.

The usual chips and salsa came to the table with our drinks.  We started with the Cheese Dip which is a blend of cheese and jalepenos.  It was addictive, cheese always is, but nothing special.  For my entree I decided to try something new and ordered the Granachas which, according to the menu, are sweet potato-corn dough patties topped with refried beans, a mix of potato chorizo, pico de gallo, lettuce, mexican cream, and cotija cheese.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was quite bad.  The dough patties were hard and dry.  There was only one piece of chorizo and the entire thing was covered in melted cheese.  The others at the table seemed to be satisfied with their dishes, the chiliquiles (which I thought were a breakfast dish), the fish tacos and enchiladas.  While it might be a case that ‘I ordered the wrong thing’, I find that to be a poor excuse.  Why should there even be a ‘wrong thing’?

In my mind there are two types of Mexican restaurants, those you go to for the food and those that you go to for the drinks.  Dos Taquitos falls into the latter category.  If you’re looking for traditional Mexican food, this is not the place. If you are looking for a fun, kitschy atmosphere and good drinks this is an option.

Dos Taquitos Mexican Restaurant
5629 Creedmoor Rd
Raleigh, NC 27612

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