Dos Perros, Durham

Our NRT outing for June was to Dos Perros in Durham.  It is right in downtown Durham and convenient for the Durham Performing Arts Center or the Carolina Theater.  It is a yellow brick building with the cutest logo of two dogs painted on the window.  The interior is also warm and inviting painted in lovely yellow and orange tones and yet modern with exposed bricks and piping and decorated with old film posters.

It was a super hot day so a few of us started with beer, for which they have a nice selection with options including some local brews.  They also have a nice selection of fun mixed drinks which we didn’t get to try.  We started with the appetizer special that night which were Spicy Beef Empanadas.  They were delicious! The ground beef filling was juicy and very hot and spicy.  The empanada wrapper was both soft and crispy at the same time.

For my entrée I had the Vegetarian Chile Relleno with black bean puree which was also delicious!  The filling was made with finely chopped vegetables (potatoes, squash, carrots) and cheese which was stuffed in the roasted poblano pepper and deep fried.  It was served with a black bean puree which served both as a side and almost as a sauce.  A wonderful rendition of a classic!

Even though it was a hot day, G had the Roasted local pork posole verde.  It was a satisfying and hearty stew with large chucks of pork and hominy.  The combination of flavors was also great with the tanginess of the tomatillos balanced with chili peppers and the sweetness of the pork.

The dessert menu looked so good that even though we were full we had to try.  We tried the Tres Leches cake which was so creamy and soft; it literally melted in your mouth!  We also tried the classic flan which was wonderful.  Flan is one of my all time favorites and this was a great preparation.  The custard was smooth and creamy and not too sweet and the buttery caramel sauce added just the perfect richness!

Overall, we really enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Dos Perros.  The restaurant also focuses on local, seasonal ingredients so their menu changes quite often.  The service too was quite attentive and helpful.  I know we will be back to try more deliciously prepared Mexican food!

Dos Perros
200 North Mangum Street
Durham, NC 27701-3307

3 thoughts on “Dos Perros, Durham

  1. Nice, and somehow, I didn’t have your blog on my RSS yet–that’s been fixed. It’s hilarious that both our reviews start out with nearly the same description of their exterior and interior. Those empanadas and the chile rellano sound divine!

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