Mooo Restaurant, Boston

Ever since we found out that Mooo had a Kobe beef steak on their menu G had planning on celebrating his MBA graduation there.  So, we made reservations for the Saturday in question and were looking forward to a nice celebratory dinner.

We were the first of your party to arrive for our 6:30pm reservation.  The restaurant is located on Beacon Hill with as side entrance that faces a parking area.  Once you enter you take a small step down into a modern, sleek room decorated in white and gray.  The soft, warm lighting makes the room feel inviting and comfortable.  We were seated at our table while we waited for the others and looked over the menu.  The menu is typical for a steak house with various cuts of beef for entree choices and side dishes which can be shared for the table.  The wine list is extensive without being overwhelming.  They offer a nice variety of choices though most were beyond our price range.  The waiter was helpful with our menu questions and also guided me through the wine list.  I particularly appreciated that he respected my request to stay within a certain price.  After some discussion, we decided on the Mount Veeder Winery, 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.  It was delicious!  A beautiful big, bold, full bodied, smooth cab!

Dinner starts off with a cast-iron pan of warm, freshly baked rolls.  They are heavy and glutinous with a buttery shine and a sprinkling of salt that is the first thing that hits your tongue.  We decided to start with two appetizers for the table.  The Kobe Beef Dumplings were just delicious!  The beef filling was tender and succulent with a delicate and perfectly al dente dumpling skin.  The Mussels and Chorizo dish was quite unexpected but quite delicious!  The mussels were shelled and served in a creamy herb sauce with bits of chorizo.  The sweet mussels balanced spicy, salty chorizo in the rich sauce.

As with most steak houses you order your steak, sides, and sauces separately.  G indulged in the 6oz sirloin of True 100% Kobe Beef from Kagoshima Prefecture.  He was smiling from check to check with the first bite!  The beef was just seared to maintain the delicate texture of the beef.  It was truly luxurious!  The beef was buttery and melted in your mouth!  To be honest, this cut of meat is more about the texture and mouth feel than the taste.  I ordered the 8oz filet mignon which was lovely!  It was cooked to perfection for a juicy, tender bite.  I decided to try the Bearnaise sauce with my dish which was rich and decedent with a nice tangy, herbiness.  Also at the table was the Pepper Crusted Prime Sirloin Au Poivre and the Rib Eye Steak which also received rave reviews.

We decided to share the Mooo Side Flight for the table.  This comes with sharable portions of whipped yukon gold potatoes, creamed spinach, truffled parmesan fries and exotic mushrooms.  The fries and the mushrooms were very good and perfectly prepared.  The whipped potatoes and creamed spinach though could (and should) have been much better.  The potatoes were a bit gluey and not as whipped and fluffy as I like.  The spinach in the creamed spinach was also not chopped fine enough which did not allow for the cream to be well distributed though the spinach.

Typical of steak houses, the desserts were too large, and though not particularly inventive, quite satisfying.  The Chocolate Stout Cake was a chocolaty, six-layer traditional cake served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.  The Bananas Foster was quite large with two caramelized banana halves served with three scoops of vanilla ice cream and a lovely banana rum sauce.

The service was attentive and helpful without being overbearing all throughout the meal.  Towards the end of the meal, when we were having dessert two others joined us.  There was plenty of room at the table so we all chatted and shared the desserts.  Soon after, the waiter stopped coming by and was clearly trying to get us to leave.  This was quite disappointing as no one else was waiting for the table and there was no reason he couldn’t have checked to see if we wanted an after dinner drink or some coffee.  We were chatting and enjoying ourselves and he could have capitalized on that by checking in just once.

We had a lovely celebratory meal and though it is pricey and there were a few minor points which were not up to par, when you are looking for a great steak to mark a special occasion in Boston, Mooo is an excellent choice!

Mooo Restaurant
15 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108

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