Four Square, Durham

In May we shifted our NRT outing by a week so that we could capitalize on the Triangle Restaurant Week.  During this week select restaurants in the area offer a $25 3-course prix fixe dinner.  We decided to try Four Square in Durham.  Four Square is a beautiful, old Victorian home which has been converted into a restaurant. Each of the rooms of the house is a separate, intimate dining space with a few tables.  The rooms are elegant and warm with mustard colored walls and dark woods.

We were given both the restaurant week menu and their usual menu when we were seated.  We tried not to be tempted by all of the options on the regular menu and focus on the prix fixe menu.  However, we did select one of the appetizers from the regular menu to try.  The Wagyu Beef Brisket Raviolo was lovely!  The beef was just tender covered in a delicate pasta and served in a perppery soubise à poivre sauce which was balanced with a creamy mascarpone.

It was a chilly, rainy spring night so all of us at the table decided on the Roasted Tomato & Pepper Bisque as our starter from the restaurant week menu.  It was creamy, rich and delicious!  It was served with a griddled pimiento cheese sandwich (tiny) which was in the soup itself and added a nice little chew!  They offered two entrees that night and we tried both at our table.  I ordered the Pan Roasted Mahi-Mahi which was served with green tomato kim chee, chilled scallion noodles, ginger-apple dashi.  A lovely dish!  The fish was cooked perfectly with a nice crispy crust and served on the noodle combination.  The flavors and the textures all melded together very well.  G had the Grilled Filet of Grass Fed Beef which was served with creamed sweet corn, olives, pinenuts, rainbow chard, puffed wild rice.  This was just delicious!  The sweetness of the creamed corn was a perfect complement to the beef.

For dessert they served a flourless chocolate torte with graham masala and served with a saffron cream.  This was an interesting combination of flavors which was fun and well executed though some at our table felt it was too complicated.  The other option that evening was a bread pudding served with strawberries and lemon curd.  It was a little too bready for my tastes but the lemon curd and strawberries were delicious!

The service was very attentive and slowly paced allowing for a nice, lingering meal.  Going to dinner during restaurant week is always a bit risky; some restaurants try maximize profits that week by having limited, uninspired choices and rushing people through dinner to turn over tables quickly.  Four Square did neither of these and rather showcased their wonderful food and service.  We will surely be back for a special dinner!

Four Square Restaurant
2701 Chapel Hill Road
Durham, NC 27707

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