Vivace, Raleigh

Our NRT outing for April was to Vivace in Raleigh.  Vivace is an Italian restaurant in the newly developed, quite swanky, area of North Hills.  The room is elegant with high ceilings and a simple, modern décor with browns and tans.  The place was bustling for a weeknight and everyone was quite well dressed (you would think it was a Saturday night!).  We started two appetizers for the table.  The Calamari Fritti which was served with a spicy tomato aioli.  The breading was light and crispy however, I wished that the dish had been served with a lemon which would have added some brightness.  The Eggplant Gnocchi with house-cured bacon, golden raisins and roasted peppers was very interesting!  Roasted eggplant was added to a potato gnocchi batter which gave the gnocchi a smoky, sweetness.  The raisins and the roasted peppers really complimented the sweetness while the bacon balanced the dish with saltiness.  Quite a surprising combination which worked quite nicely!

For my main dish I ordered an appetizer portion of the Pappardelle Alla Bolognese.  It was a nice, well made rendition of this classic dish.  The portions are generous so I did find the appetizer portion to be sufficient with the other shared appetizers.  G also selected a classic, and ordered the Spaghetti and meatballs.  Again, it was a well prepared and tasty dish.  The others at the table ordered some pizzas and the four cheese ravioli and everyone enjoyed their dishes.

For dessert G and I shared the Black and White Tiramisu which was lovely.  Nice and light with the added sweetness of a caramel sauce.  I also tried a bite of the warm semolina and olive oil cake which was also quite delicious!  It is a nice, not too sweet, option for dessert.

Overall, Vivace is a lovely dining experience.  I can’t say I was wowed by any of the dishes, but they were all very well made and quite satisfying.  If you are looking for a nice evening out with a group of people Vivace offers a nice, safe, option which should please even the pickiest diners.

4209 Lassiter Mill Road
Raleigh, NC 27609

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