Crack Pie

Food can be addictive, much like a drug, and in the case of the aptly named Crack Pie it most certainly is!  Crack Pie is the creation of pastry chef Christina Tosi of Momofuku’s Milk Bar fame in New York City.  Following all of the news and reading all of the articles about David Chang’s ventures, I have been dreaming about trying Momofuku on our next trip to NYC.  A few weeks ago our local newspaper, the News & Observer, published an adapted recipe for Crack Pie.  I cut it out thinking that one day I would try to make it.  Well, G noticed the cut out sitting on the dining room table and found out that it could be ordered online and delivered the next day.  So, for my birthday this past weekend, my gift was Crack Pie direct from the source!

Crack Pie is made from typical pantry ingredients, sugar, brown sugar, butter, eggs, rolled oats, etc.  Nothing special but in the right proportions and preparation the final product is indeed something special!  The pie has a cookie crust but instead of graham crackers or Oreo cookies you prepare a oat cookie which is then crumbled to make the crust.  This is then filled with a custardy preparation which calls for 8 egg yolks and milk powder (among other things).  After backing and cooling, the result is gooey goodness!

The pie was delivered cold and refrigerated. So, our first taste was a cold version.  The filling is very sweet, extremely rich, silky and buttery.  The sweetness is slightly counter balanced by the somewhat salty crust.  After a couple of tastes cold, we decided to try the next serving at room temperature.  We agreed this was even better.  For some reason the room temperature version was less sweet.  The texture of the pie was much silkier which made the entire mouthful much more decadent!

The past few days we have been rationing little pieces (you can only eat a small piece at a time) the rich deliciousness!  It truly is a drug, and we can’t wait to get our fix every evening.  At $44 for the pie and added shipping costs, the price may be comparable to a drug.  When our stash is over, I am sure we will be going through withdrawal!

P.S.  Happy 2nd Birthday to MasalaWala!!

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