Mediterranean Deli, Chapel Hill

Our NRT for March was at Mediterranean Deli in Chapel Hill.  It seems to be a bit of a institution in Chapel Hill with a loyal following of locals and college students.  It is a simple cafeteria style restaurant with several tables and a few televisions mounted on the walls.  The have menu which offers a platters such as falafel, gyro, and kebobs.  They also have a wide variety of prepared items such as salads, stuffed grape leaves, various types of hummus, vegetables, etc.  The options and combinations are endless!

We found a table first and each took turns going to the counter and perusing the choices to decide what we wanted.  I settled on the Gyro plate which is served with hummus and homemade pita bread.  G chose the lamb kebob plate which is served with two vegetarian items from the deli case.  The gyro was delicious!  The meat was succulent and well seasoned.  It has had a perfect thin crispy layer on it.  The hummus too was very tasty with a perfect amount of tahini.  It also had a nice smooth and creamy texture.  The platter was served with homemade organic pita bread which was soft and fluffy.  G’s lamb kebob was also quite tasty.  The lamb was tender and nicely marinated.  G expected that the kebob would be ground lamb but enjoyed the dish regardless.  All the dishes were well received and everyone seemed to enjoy.

Overall, the food at the Mediterranean Deli is delicious!  But, you should only come here if you are looking for quick, tasty, very reasonably priced place; the atmosphere is basic and simple.

Mediterranean Deli
410 W Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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