Acme Food & Beverage Co, Carrboro

A few weeks ago G and I went to the NC Comedy Arts Festival in Carrboro and we decided to try Acme Food & Beverage Company before.  We arrived for our 7:15pm reservation and the restaurant was almost full.  The atmosphere is warm and bustling with rust colored walls and simple tables positioned somewhat close together.  The dining area is separated from the long bar by a half wall which makes the space more intimate.

The menu is eclectic with small plates, bowls, plates and sandwiches.  The small plates are appetizer size and can be combined to make a meal.  The bowls are fun dishes either a stew or rice based dish.  The plates are entrées size dishes.  The beverage menu has a nice variety of interesting wines and several local beers.  That evening they were featuring some Zinfandels from one California winery so we each tried a glass.  I liked that they offered these features outside of their usual offerings.

We started with the appetizer special that evening which was a beef short rib chili relleno served with a mole sauce.  It was delicious!  The beef was tasty and perfectly cooked.  And the mole sauce was a wonderful balance of flavors.  My only complaint was that there was too much of the cream sauce that was served in addition to the mole.  It smothered the flavor of the mole and the beef.

Sticking with the Mexican theme, I order a rice bowl with goat, cheese, peppers, and nopal (cactus).  It was a unique and fun dish and a very tasty combination of flavors and textures.  However, the dish had insufficient amount of goat and nopal.  In the entire bowl I counted only five pieces each of goat (about 0.5 inch cube) and nopal.  When a menu item lists key ingredients like goat and nopal that is often why one is ordering the dish so this was very disappointing!

G ordered the deluxe burger which is made with local Cane Creek beef and served with bacon, pimento cheese, and barbeque sauce.  However, when his order arrived it was the regular burger with cheddar cheese.  When he mentioned this to the waiter he took the plate back and just returned the same burger with some barbeque sauce and bacon on it (we know it was the same plate since G had put some ketchup on it which remained when returned).  While it was a good burger G didn’t get the Cane Creek beef or the pimento cheese but was charged the higher price.  Again, that is disappointing.

Acme has a fun, comfortable vibe, unique dishes, and a nice wine menu and though we enjoyed our meal we were a bit disappointed that particular evening.  I know we will try Acme at least one more time and hope that this was an off evening for them.

Acme Food & Beverage Co
110 East Main Street
Carrboro, NC 27510-2308

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