Thai Cafe, Durham

We are feeling quite settled in here in Chapel Hill.  A sure sign of this is that we have found a group of friends to institute New Restaurant Tuesdays (NRT) with.  We started in February by trying Thai Cafe in Durham.

Thai Cafe is located in a strip mall and the interior décor is basic but clean and comfortable.  The menu has a variety of Thai dishes with a few options for price points.  Several of us started with the Thai iced tea which was sweet and satisfying!  We tried a couple of appetizers, the Chicken Satay and the Pot Stickers, to start.  Satay is not one of my favorite dishes but this was a very good version with a rich, creamy peanut sauce.  The chicken was tasty and not too dry (which is typically my complaint with this dish).  The pot stickers were delicious!  The red sauce that they were served with was spicy and flavorful.For my main dish I had the Green Curry with Tofu.  It was wonderful!  The curry sauce was just the correct compliment of spicy and sweet.  The dish was full of delicious vegetables and the tofu was fried which adds a nice texture to curry dishes.  G had the Roasted Duck with Red Curry from the specials menu.  The red curry sauce was nicely spicy and the duck was well cooked without being too chewy.  At the table there was an order of Pad Thai which was excellent!  I often shy away from this dish because often the rendition is uninspired.  The version at Thai Café reminded me why this is a wonderful dish.  It had a perfect combination of flavors with a nice sourness from the tamarind.  The noodles were perfectly cooked and stayed separate without ending up in a large clump.  We also had orders of yellow curry and Pad Prik at the table which were also quite tasty.

Overall, the food at Thai Cafe is delicious and I am sure we will be back often for our Thai fix.

Thai Cafe
2501 University Drive
Durham, NC 27707-2159

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