Oishii Boston, Boston

During our last visit to Boston our flight was canceled due to snow (in Raleigh, not Boston!) and we ended up having an extra night in town.  We took advantage of the opportunity to try Oishii Boston.  We have often eaten or gotten take out from Oishii in Chestnut Hill but this was our first time to the newer sister restaurant in the South End.  The Boston version is nothing like the small hole-in-the wall version in Chestnut Hill.  The Boston location has a sleek, modern interior with much more space and offers a full menu not only sushi.

We started with the Grilled Black Cod with Sweet Miso Sauce.  It was delicious as usual!  As I have mentioned, black cod is the perfect fish.  It is delicate, yet firm with just the right oiliness.  It was served in a miso sauce (which is how it always seems to be served).  After this we tried some sashimi and a few specialty maki rolls.  They were all very well prepared.  The rolls were tightly wrapped and perfectly balanced in flavor.  The presentation was elegant and simple.  One highlight was the Oishii Spicy Tuna Tempura Maki which is bluefin tuna sashimi, fleur De sel and chives, wrapped with seaweed.  It was delicious!  All of the fish used was high quality and very fresh.

Overall, it was a truly lovely sushi experience!  It is a much nicer space though the sushi is just as delicious as that of Oishii in Chestnut Hill.  The dishes are not as inventive as O Ya.  But, Oishii Boston it is definitely one of the finer sushi restaurants in Boston.

Oishii Boston
1166 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118-4113

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