Corner Kitchen, Asheville

Before leaving Asheville, we stopped at the Corner Kitchen for brunch in Biltmore Village.  The village itself is really cute (I try not to use this word but the village is honestly is cute)!  It is apparently where the workers who built the Biltmore Mansion lived during the construction and the planned housing has been restored into an area with shops and restaurants.  Unfortunately, it was cold and windy that morning so we didn’t enjoy the village itself but we did have a great brunch at the Corner Kitchen.  The restaurant is a converted house with several small dining areas with a few tables each.  We were seated right next to the cozy fireplace.  The entire space is comfortable and warm with bright walls and wooden tables.  I had the Hickory Nut Gap Chorizo and Eggs which was locally produced chorizo with cheesy scrambled eggs, salsa and tortillas.  It was delicious!  The chorizo had a nice spice which was great with the cheesy eggs.  G had the waffles which were awesome, light and delicate!  So light that they didn’t even need syrup!  Overall, a great breakfast in a warm, comfortable space.

Corner Kitchen
3 Boston Way
Asheville, NC 28803-2653

One thought on “Corner Kitchen, Asheville

  1. Thank you for the nice comments about your visit to the Corner Kitchen restaurant. One of the staff forwarded your blog to us and I read several of the entries for Asheville. We’re glad you enjoyed your meal.

    Kevin Westmoreland
    The Corner Kitchen

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