Sugarland Bakery, Chapel Hill

A couple of weeks ago we were entertaining our young friend (she is almost 5 years old!) and decided to try Sugarland Bakery for a treat.  It is a cute shop located right at the heart of the Franklin St.  They have a few tables to sit and enjoy your treats and a counter of treats; half is filled with baked goods and chocolate truffles and the other half is dedicated to gelato.  For the season they had a great miniature village set up in the window complete with moving ice skaters and children sledding down a hill.  This interested the little one for some time!  Then, we each proceeded to select a cupcake.  I tried the seasonal Egg Nog, G tried the red velvet and the she tried the double chocolate.  They were all quite tasty with rich icing.  As usual the each had much too much icing, which seems to be the current style in cupcakes.  The Egg Nog in particular had a spicy, egg-y flavor.  However, all three were a bit dry which was disappointing.  They didn’t have the delicate texture that you would expect from a cupcake that is over $3 each!  Cupcakes are the trendiest thing in baked goods right now but they ought to be melting-in-my-mouth to charge more than $3!!

Sugarland Bakery
140 E. Franklin St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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