Cafe Parvaneh, Chapel Hill

Discovering authentic family run places is always a treat!  Café Parvaneh is a Persian restaurant located next to a lighting store and a salon in a strip mall in Chapel Hill.  It is small, simple restaurant with seating for about 20 and a counter for take out orders.  It was pretty full when we arrived at about 7pm on a Friday and one large table filled with a family of Persians celebrating.  The husband and another woman were handling the front of the restaurant while the wife was in the kitchen.  The menu focuses on chicken and lamb dishes.  We started with the Aush Reshteh which is a bean soup with herbs and noodles.  It was delicious, hearty and rich!  The herbs provided just the right amount of flavor and depth to compliment the beans.  I tried the Khoresh Ghaimeh Badenjun for my main dish.  It is a lovely combination of sautéed lamb, eggplant and yellow split peas in tomato sauce flavored with sun-dried limes. The lamb was stewed to perfection and was tender and flavorful.  The split peas and eggplant added a nice sweetness and smokiness to the dish.  G tried the Khoresh Ghormeh Sabzi for his main dish.  It is a dish made of various herbs, lamb, and red beans flavored with sun-dried limes.  It too was quite tasty.  It had a similar flavor to the soup since the same herbs were used but again the lamb was cooked to tender perfection.  Both dishes were served with nice buttery rice.  The dishes were tasty and delicious but a bit oily.  The husband was helpful, explaining the different dishes and making sure we had everything.  We will surely be back to try other Persian dishes on the menu and to get our lamb fix!

Cafe Parvaneh
400 South Elliott Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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