Technique, Cambridge

Our NRT gathering for June was at Technique in Kendall Square in Cambridge.  It is the restaurant run by the students of the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Boston.  Technique is located in an office building which makes it a bit difficult to find.  The restaurant itself is a cavernous space with high ceilings and an open kitchen.  The tables were well spread out in the space so you could have a nice conversation without hearing the diners at the neighboring table.  With the tables moved, it would be a great place to host a cocktail reception.

We were seated a bit away from the open kitchen so we couldn’t see too much of the action.  We selected a bottle of Pinot Noir from the wine list which offered some nice options at very reasonable prices.  We decided to start with the cheese plate as an appetizer.  When it arrived our server was not able to describe the cheeses to us and instead referred to another gentleman who was shadowing her, who might have been an instructor or supervisor.

We started with the Lobster Johnny Cakes which were delicious!  The Johnny Cakes were perfect sweet corn cakes and perfectly complimented by the lobster.  To keep with the lobster theme for the evening, I had a lobster tail for my entrée.  It was a beautifully prepared lobster tail served with mussels and fingerling potatoes in a rich buttery cream sauce.  The dish was wonderful!  G had the duck breast and confit for his entrée and enjoyed it thoroughly.  The duck was cooked to perfection!

We all enjoyed our food and the relaxed atmosphere of the space.  But, the service was slow and awkward which continuously reminded us that this is a restaurant run by students.   With all the entrées under $20, it is a nice chance to try some gourmet food at very reasonable prices.

Technique @ Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
215 1st St
Cambridge, MA 02142

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