The Mission in San Francisco

During our trip to SF, we had managed to have two lovely dining experiences in the Mission District.  For breakfast one morning we went to Tartine Bakery at the corner of Guerrero St and 18th.  It is a simple bakery space with a few small tables and a larger communal table.  We arrived ‘late’ at 9am and the place was packed!  We got in line and ordered a quiche, a croissant and two hot chocolates.  The quiche was eggy, delicate and light!  Very nice.  The croissant too was delicious, flaky and crispy!!  The main complaint was the crowds!  It was difficult to find a place to enjoy our goodies and once we finally found a counter to stand it was in the traffic of the ordering line.  But, the treats were wonderful and well worth a visit!

One night we met up with an old friend and he took us to Medjool.  It is a great space with a huge bar and space for dancing.  It also has a lounge space on the mezzanine and a great rooftop lounge.  With so much wonderful party space you would assume that the food would be secondary but in this case it isn’t.  It is a delicious Mediterranean tapas bar with dishes from Northern Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East.  We tried several tapas and all were delicious!!  The menu offers lighter options such as olives, hummus, and pomme frites and heavier options such as braised short rib and hanger steak.  It is a lovely place to meet up with friends and spend the evening enjoying some drinks and noshing!!

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Medjool Restaurant Cafe
2516 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110-2512

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