Ittyo Restaurant, Cambridge

Our NRT gathering for April was supposed to be at Café Mami in the Porter Exchange building but we arrived to find it closed.  It was a bit strange as there was no sign or note so instead we headed two doors down to Ittyo Restaurant.  It is a very similar establishment with few tables and focusing on Japanese food including udon and soba noodle dishes, curries, and donburi style bowls.  The atmosphere is very basic as it is a mall setting.  I ordered the Sansai (wild vegetable) Udon Noodle bowl and a green tea.  The tea was rather disappointing because the water was just warm, not hot enough to steep the tea bag properly.  There was just one waitress dealing with all of the tables so I didn’t have the heart to ask her to heat it up.  The noodle bowl was quite comforting.  The noodles were perfectly cooked, toothsome and satisfying.  The broth was well seasoned and there was sufficient quantity and variety of vegetables.  Most of us ordered noodle dishes and were satisfied with them however we weren’t overly impressed.  Ittyo is perfect for a quick satisfying, basic meal but nothing more.

Ittyo Restaurant
1815 Massachusetts Ave
Porter Exchange Building
Cambridge, MA 02140

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