Wu Chon House, Somerville

Since our introduction to Korean food at Buk Kyung II in Allston we have wanted to try more. A friend of ours suggested that we meet her and her husband at Wu Chon House in Union Square, Somerville. It is a very nice, large space on the inside which I wasn’t expecting as the outside façade is quite plain.

Again, the meal started with a variety of condiments, panchan. We got Kimchi, some pickled bean sprouts, and pickled soy nuts. But, then we also received a few items which didn’t seem too authentic such as potato salad and steamed broccoli with a thousand island dressing. We started with the vegetarian scallion pancake. It was quite a bit thicker than other scallion pancakes I have experienced but very satisfying with lots of scallions and red bell peppers.

For my main dish I ordered the Kal Bi which was sliced short ribs marinated in seasoned soy sauce and served with rice. It was delicious! The salty, sweet combination of the sauce complimented the richness of the thinly sliced beef creating a delicious glaze. It was a lovely dish! G ordered the Je Yook Bokeum which is thinly sliced pork in a spicy, garlicky sauce. It was delicious! One of our dining companions ordered a spicy beef dish which was extremely spicy causing him to wipe his brow a few times. Having been there before he did order this knowingly and thoroughly enjoyed the dish! The last dish ordered at our table was the gobdol bi bim bap. This is a bi bim bap served in an extremely hot earthen bowl which in turn slowly cooks the ingredients of the dish. Given that I enjoyed the bi bim bap previously, I will definitely have to try this on my next outing to a Korean restaurant.

One of the most confusing things for me is how many restaurants serve both Korean and Japanese food. This is the case with Wu Chon House and while I thoroughly enjoyed my dish I am not sure if it is a more typical of Japanese or Korean cuisine. Overall, Wu Chon House was lovely and delicious I know we will be back whether for Korean or Japanese dishes.

Wu Chon House
290 Somerville Ave.

, MA 02143
(617) 623-3313

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