Hungry Mother, Cambridge

After much anticipation, G and I finally tried Hungry Mother in Kendall Square and it lived up to the hype!  We didn’t have a reservation but were lucky enough to snag a couple of seats at the bar.  It is a beautifully decorated space with earthy woods, warm tones on the walls with lots of framed pictures.  You feel as though you have walked into someone’s home.  The restrooms are wallpapered with pages of an old American cookbook with recipes for things like pickled beets.  A great detail!  The restaurant is southern inspired and utilizes many local ingredients and specialty purveyors.

G started with some sweet tea which was perfectly sweetened!  I tried the no. 44 which is mint, simple syrup, Peychaud Bitters and lemon.  It was similar to a mojito without the alcohol.  Delicious!  We started with the Benton’s Country Ham, “angel” biscuits and pepper jelly.  Airy little biscuits with delicious salty ham; it was an alluring nibble which left us waiting for the rest of our meal.  We then tried the Shimp and Grits.  Perfectly cooked shrimp served over hearty grits which were flavored with tasso ham.  Just wonderful!!  We also tried the Fried Chesapeake Bay Oysters which were fried in a nice cornmeal coating so that they were still moist and not chewy.  They were served over a “kohlslaw” which was made out of julienned kohlrabi which added a nice crunch.  For the main course we shared the Cornmeal Catfish which was served with hoppin’ john and andouille sausage.  This was a nice solid piece of fish encrusted in cornmeal.  The rice and black eyed bean hoppin’ john and sausage was a delicious and creamy.  Just a great dish.  Unfortunately, we were too full to try any dessert.  With our check we were given little petit fours of a chocolate, peanut butter cookie which was just the needed sweetness to end this great meal!

As we spoke to the bartender we learnt that many ingredients are obtained from specialty purveyors.  For example, the grits are a coarse style obtained from the South.  The bar gets various flavors of bitters made with herbs and fruits from a local man who makes them.  These types of details demonstrate the owners love and passion for the food they serve.  Overall, a delicious meal made with great ingredients in a beautiful, warm room.  The prices are quite reasonable with the first courses between $7-11 and the main courses between $18-27.  We will definitely return!

Hungry Mother
233 Cardinal Medeiros Ave
Cambridge, MA 02141

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