Beehive, South End

Our NRT gathering for November was at Beehive in the South End. So many of our recent outings were in Allston we decided that we had to try another neighborhood. I found the Beehive name to be appropriate as the space is separated into several areas like the cells of a beehive (might not be what the owners were thinking when they named it!). Upstairs is small with a long bar and some seating. However, downstairs is cavernous, divided into several spaces including another L-shaped bar. The focal point is a small stage area for a band. They have jazz bands there several nights a week. The space has a really nice energy with people chatting and the music buzzing!

We each ordered a glass of wine and chatted while we mulled over the menu. The menu had some slightly different takes on some of the usual suspects for these types of restaurants. We started with the pumpkin and gorgonzola flatbread for us to share. It was very nice with a crisp, thin crust. The toppings were also a delicious combination with the sweetness of the pumpkin complimented by the slightly pungent cheese.

We each ordered an entrée after. I had the duck, scallion, jalapeño risotto. It was a very interesting combination! The risotto was creamy and rich with a slight spiciness from the jalapeño which was surprising. Another dining companion ordered the baked pasta, vodka pink sauce, vegetable ragout. It was also very tasty and surprisingly spicy. We weren’t quite sure where the spice was coming from but it was a nice undertone. One of the entrées at the table was the coq au vin, red wine chicken stew, mushrooms, egg noodles, which was satisfying and well received. The last entrée at the table was the seared scallops, fingerling potatoes, pumpkin sage sauce. This dish was delicious! The scallops were delicate, sweet and perfectly seared. The pumpkin sage sauce was creamy, rich and elegant. The dish was perfectly accented with caramelized shallots and braised collard greens. The entrées were priced in the typical range of $19-$25 which I argued was high earlier however, I did feel the preparation and flavor combinations at Beehive was much better and more unique.

Overall, Beehive had a lively atmosphere with nice dishes with unique flavor combinations. Don’t go to Beehive if you are hoping to have a deep, serious discussion as it is loud between the crowd and the music; however it is a perfect place to meet friends and chat with some good food and good music.

The Beehive

541 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 423-0069

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