Green St. Grill, Cambridge

A few weeks ago G and I met some friends for dinner at Green St. Grill in Central Sq. It is a non-descript building which looks as though it should be a dive from the outside but is quite nice inside. We arrived about 7pm and the bar area was packed however, the upstairs dining room where we were seated had patrons at only a few tables. The space is simple and pleasantly decorated with warm tones on the walls and low ceilings.

The menu is simple and seasonal with about eight choices. A couple of pasta options, a chicken dish, a burger, a fish dish and a steak dish with a few side dishes to choose from. Three at our table decided on the macaroni and cheese which had bacon and brussel sprouts; an odd combination which actually worked. I sampled it and was surprised to find it lacked salt; rarely is that a problem when eating out. But, at least it can easily be added! Otherwise, the dish was very nice with substantive chunks of bacon. Another dining companion had the burger which he seemed to enjoy. I had the fish entrée which was a panko encrusted halibut fillet served with a squash puree which was nicely prepared. We also shared two decent deserts for the group.

By the time we left the upstairs dining room was full and the music downstairs was playing; it was extremely loud and made it difficult for us to catch up has have a nice conversation. Overall, the food was good but not great. It really would have been much better for about $5 less per entrée given the quality of food and pub like atmosphere.

Green St. Grill
280 Green St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

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