Sorellina, Back Bay

Sorry about the long delay in blogging.  It has been a very busy month! It doesn’t mean that we haven’t tried some new places, just haven’t had the time to blog!

A few weeks ago we went to a concert at Symphony Hall for G’s birthday.  Eating before concerts is always a dilemma because there are few nice options right nearby.  Well, I think we have finally solved the problem.  I made a reservation for Sorellina which is right behind the Boston Public Library and about a 10 minute walk to Symphony Hall.  Sorellina is an Italian restaurant and is part of the same management group that includes Mistral.  The room is very elegant with high ceilings and a minimalist, rustic décor.  We were first taken to a table right by the entrance to the kitchen and requested to be to seated at any of the number of two tops (it was 5:30pm and the space is huge!).  The women who seated us said she had to check with the hostess and

returned and seated us at another table just a few spaces down.  This happened to the next couple as well.  It seems to me that they should correct their seating assignment program so that the table at the kitchen is the last one to be assigned.  After this, we had a lovely evening.  Since it was so early and we weren’t too hungry we decided to share an appetizer and three pasta dishes. The waitress was kind enough to have the kitchen split the dishes.  The tuna (hand-cut tuna, spicy mostarda aioli and chili vinegar) was lovely.  It was served over a bowl of ice.  The tuna had the perfect firm but soft melting texture which was highlighted with the spicy aioli.  Then all three pasta dishes were served in together in three bowls in a plate for each of us; it was a pasta sampler arranged from lightest to heaviest dish.  This was very thoughtful of the waitress to ask the kitchen to do as it made sharing much easier.  All of the pasta dishes were delicious!  The handmade lemon ricotta gnocchi, braised rabbit ragu was surprisingly light with the lemon cream sauce.  Not a combination I have seen before.  The housemade squid ink pasta, spicy frutti di mare had just the right amount of spice but more importantly was full of seafood!  Finally, the  American Kobe beef meatballs, barolo sauce and parmigiano was rich and meaty!

We had originally thought to have dessert after the concert but couldn’t resist when we saw they had Semi Freddo with mocha-meringue, caramel syrup on the menu.  We shared a slice of creamy, chocolate coffee goodness!  I particularly enjoyed the contrast of texture with the chunks of meringue that were scattered throughout the desert.

Overall, it was a lovely evening and deciding what to do before a concert at Symphony Hall is no longer a dilemma!

Sorellina Restaurant
1 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02116

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