Croatians in Kansas City!?

One of the things I find the most interesting about food culture is how certain foods become popular in an area because of the immigrant populations that settled in the area. A friend of ours from college is now living in Kansas City and came out to visit us for the long holiday weekend. He brought us a loaf of delicious povitica. Apparently, povitica is a staple bread made in Eastern European countries. It is basically a nut roll made with yeast bread and a filling of nuts, cream cheese, and/or dried fruit. Traditionally it was served for celebrations such as weddings, Easter or Christmas. In the 1800’s a group of Croatian immigrants settled in Kansas City and worked in the meat packing industry. They brought the tradition of povitica which is still baked in the area.

Our friend brought us the English Walnut variety from the Strawberry Hill Bakery. It is a dense (2.5 lb) loaf filled with ground walnuts and honey. It is delicious and extremely rich with so much filling!! I have been enjoying a small slice with my morning tea for the past few days! If you are ever in Kansas City or anywhere with an Eastern European heritage you should look for it.

2 thoughts on “Croatians in Kansas City!?

  1. I am not an expert on this… but my friend is living in KC, MO and purchased it for us from a bakery near him. As far as I understand a river which divides the two KCs and I believe that Eastern European food items are available in both places.

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