The Fireplace, Brookline

On Saturday we met some friends in Brookline for a late lunch. Since The Publick House was closed we went down the way to The Fireplace. The room is very pleasant with a fireplace on the right as you enter and a few tables and more seating on a second level up a couple of stairs. It was fairly quite, with only a few other tables occupied the entire time we were there. G and I shared the New England Smoked Haddock & Shrimp Chowder w/ NH Bacon. It was delicious! The chowder was rich and creamy but also delicate with the seafood. We also split The Fireplace Hamburger with Maple-Smoked Bacon. This was nicely prepared and served with tasty fries. Overall, it was a lovely meal and a great local grill however, I am not sure if I would make a trip specifically for it.

The Fireplace
1634 Beacon St
Brookline, MA 02445
(617) 975-1900

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