Oleana, Cambridge

This past weekend my parents were in town and since they are vegetarian I thought we would go to Oleana. We arrived right at 7:30pm for our reservations on Sunday evening. Oleana is a beautiful, intimate room though the tables are quite close together. We were seated in a nice corner space which allowed us to talk comfortably. Our waitress was nice enough to explain all of the vegetarian options to us.

We tried three Prêt a Manger to start. The Warm Olives with Za’atar were elegant and a nice starter. The Whipped Feta with Sweet & Hot Peppers was creamy and rich and had a nice flavor and spice to it. We also tried the Warm Buttered Hummus with Basturma & Tomato. We asked them to keep the Basturma, which is a cured meat, on the side. The hummus was luscious with butter and olive oil infused throughout.

G and I shared two appetizers. We waited quite some time for these after our prêt a manger had been cleared out. The Rabbit Schawarma with Green Garlic Sauce, Tahini Brown Butter & Pickled Green Almonds was a wonderful dish with perfectly complementary flavors throughout. The sauce was rich and added a nice tanginess to the rabbit. We also tried the Fava Bean Pate, Soft Boiled Egg & Wilted Spinach with Fried Almonds & Za’atar. This dish wasn’t a hit. The fava bean pate had an odd flavor too it, almost as though it had rose water in it, which neither of us like. When eaten together with the soft boiled egg the flavors seemed to work a little better but there wasn’t enough egg for all of the pate.

We waited over 10 minutes after our appetizers for the entrees and the waitress never apologized or explained the delay. My parents both had the Chefs Whim Vegetarian Plate. They both got a Turkish Crepe with Cheese and Spring Vegetables which was served with Turkish Yogurt. This was disappointing as when we were described this option we understood that they would get different dishes and wanted to try each others. However, the dish was lovely. The vegetables were light and seasonal and included fava beans, asparagus, and morels. The crepe itself was delicate and the cheese inside had a nice bite and creaminess to it. G and I shared the Lamb Steak with Turkish Spices & Fava Bean Moussaka. This was a nice, well prepared dish. The lamb was tasty, though it was a little chewy in portions, and the moussaka was delicious. However, we didn’t detect any fava beans in the moussaka.

After waiting about five minutes for the desert menu we decided to share the special of the evening which was a Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava. This was wonderful! The baklava was rich and crispy and served with a lovely chocolate sorbet. This was a very nice ending.

Overall, we enjoyed the food, the flavors and combinations were lovely! But, we felt the service was slow.


134 Hampshire St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 661 – 0505

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