My first smoked pig

A couple of our friends were throwing a surprise 40th anniversary party for their parents this past weekend in Western, Mass. One of our friends is Filipino and seems to have grown up on pork products and cannott resist anything pig. Since he was in charge of the menu he catered with a whole smoked pig! I got roped into helping out with decorations and set-up but I didn’t mind as I got to take part in my first smoked whole pig.

The event was catered by B.T. Smokehouse out of Brimfield, MA. Brian Treitman is the chef and owner who started this smokehouse after realizing barbeque was his passion. He arrived around 7:30am with the 72 lb pig, smoker and entire set up! Once he set up the smoker he had enough down time to chat with me so I learnt how Brian ended up with a smokehouse. Brian trained at the Culinary Institute of America and worked at many of the big name restaurants in Napa, CA, Washington State, and here in Boston, MA. He always had passion for barbeque, cooking for his friends even after the long hours at the restaurants. One day while bartending, he happened upon a few lucky Home Depot gift cards and found himself the proud owner of a smoker! He came to realize that the big city restaurants were not what he wanted and his true passion is barbeque. So, he headed west and opened up the B.T. Smokehouse (it didn’t hurt that he could be closer to his wife and soon to be new baby!).

We sat down to eat at about 3pm and the smoked house pork was perfect! Given that it was smoked the skin was an almost blackish color. But, the meat inside was succulent and tender. When I talked to him earlier he said that he injects the meat before smoking with a mixture of spices to keep it moist and flavorful. He served it with three different sauces; a mustard vinegar sauce, a tomato based barbeque sauce, and a vinegar based barbeque sauce. I enjoyed the mustard vinegar sauce! He also catered chicken, beans, coleslaw and corn bread. The coleslaw was wonderful, crispy and surprisingly spicy. The corn bread was absolutely perfect! Sweet (just right, not overly sweet), moist, light and fluffy! Honestly, I think it was one of the best versions of cornbread I have ever had! Unfortunately, I didn’t have room to try the chicken or the beans so I cannot comment on those however if the other dishes are any indication I am sure they were great!

Brian has a great passion for barbeque and quality food. He takes pride in using the finest all natural ingredients and cooks the meat slowly and methodically. If you are ever craving barbeque consider making a trip to Brimfield, it is worth it!

B.T. Smokehouse Roadside Shack
228 Sturbridge Rd
Brimfield, MA 01010

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