A friend of mine is always bringing over different food items to try and the other day she gave me these, loquats. With some research I found that they are also called ‘Japanese Plum’. These small bright yellow fruits are products of the ‘Eriobotrya japonica’ plant. The fruits are only about 2.5 in length and have the shape of a kumquat (though it is not related). The fruit is covered with little fuzzy hairs, very much like a peach. The pulp of the fruit is also a bright yellow almost the same color as the skin. Inside the pulp is a cluster of three large brown seeds which are easily removed. The fruit is delicious, very sweet and juicy! I am not sure I can compare the flavor to any other fruit. The texture is soft and smooth almost like a plum. After trying one I decided to peel the second which was much better since the fuzz of the skin detracts from the smooth pulp. I think these would be wonderful for preserves or pies. In fact, I could also see it cooked into a sauce for savory dishes. I do hope to come across some loquats again soon!

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