The Savant Project, Mission Hill

This past Wednesday a friend/colleague of mine was in town and wanted to meet in the Mission Hill area of Boston for lunch as she had meeting near by. I am not familiar with that area so I did a little Google searching and found The Savant Project is right in the heart of the neighborhood and looking seemed like it would work for a sit down lunch. Only in this area would anyone name a restaurant The Savant Project! Well it surpassed my expectations! It is a beautiful, modern room with a long stainless steel bar and tin coverings on the walls. It wasn’t busy but a few groups came through. The wait staff was very friendly and helpful. For lunch I ordered the “Greek Salad” with fried feta balls, pita chips quartered olives. The salad was quite nice and the fried feta balls were a delicious touch. However, it was a little overdressed for my tastes and there were just too many red onions. Overall it was a well made salad with creative touches. I am not sure The Savant Project is a destination however if you’re ever in the Mission Hill area it is a solid choice.

The Savant Project
1625 Tremont Street
Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120
(617) 566-5958

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